We couldn't have asked for more from Keith and Linda Hughes of Lantana Development. They designed and built our lovely home within our tight time frame with efficiency and professionalism. Keith had the experience and knowledge to complete our home within our budget and Linda made the many decisions that were involved with designing our home easy and fun. We will continue to recommend them to anyone considering building a custom home.

Robert & Joan Redford

Lantana built our last two homes. We felt they offer creative and efficient designs in that the floor plans had little lost space and it was tailored to our lot and the views. They also provide a lot of value for our dollar, good construction and finish and lots of attention to quality and schedule. We get lots of compliments on our latest home. A solid and dependable builder with lots of experience.

Jim & Pam

If we were ever going to build another home, we would contact Lantana Development (Keith & Linda Hughes). They are great people and Keith is a reliable and honest builder. He will build you a beautiful and structurally sound home.

Barbara & Larry Roesler

We found Linda and Keith Hughes easy to work with in designing and building of our home. We love them!

Gary & Jayne Nordstrom

We are delighted with the lovely home Lantana built for us. Keith and Linda and their team of professionals made the process as well as the result a real joy. We've been in our home for over two years now, and appreciate every day the wonderful way it all works for us.

Randi & Yan Ross

When we started the construction of our house we were concerned because we'd never built before and it was a big investment for us. We're happy to say we had a pleasant, even exciting experience, with Lantana Development. Both Linda and Keith were easily available to us and easy to work with. The house was completed exactly on time and with quality workmanship. While others talk about nightmares, ours was a fun and fulfilling project and I would not hesitate to do it again.

Tony & Leslie Turek

Keith and I have worked in fix-n-flips in Phoenix and I found him to be very easy to work with and the quality of his work is superior. The best example of classy top notch home building came when I introduced him to my neighbor in Prescott and he ended up building their home. I observed him all during the construction process and found his work and style to be superb. He knows all the powers that be in the local county and city government and works well with them. Our neighbors home is a work of art and he stayed within their parameter. They are very pleased.

William B. Dabney, M. D. , Prescott Arizona

Lantana Development, Keith and Linda Hughes, built our home in Yavapai Hills in 2002. We were pleased with the whole process. It was a good experience. Keith and Linda were easy to work with and they were accessible when we had particular questions. We feel that we have a well constructed home.

John & Nancy Clark

Lantana Development built our home in Yavapai Hills in 2003. We have enjoyed living in our fine home that they built for us. The home was well built and Lantana responded promptly to any requests we made.

Sharon & Mike Popowniak

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